Glass Fiber Wood Clay Metal Stone Assemblage

3-D art/techné, the fourth title in the innovative NEW MEXICO ARTIST SERIES, spotlights once again the extraordinary art and artistic life in New Mexico today. 3-D art/techné explores the work of more than thirty artists based in New Mexico who use traditional skills in non-traditional ways or who use non-traditional materials in traditional ways. Recognizing that many people who work this way produce three-dimensional work, the book will focus on those who produce free-standing objects and those who may work on the wall but project out from it as well. Ranging from metal, wood, stone, clay and fiber to assemblage and glass, these works of art pose post-modern questions about modernist considerations of form and function.

Aline Brandauer, Curator
Jon Carver, Artist Profiles
12 x 9.5 inches with 214 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9741023-5-0
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