Mixed Emotions

Chromatic displays of the human form bathed in emotional landscapes of dark shadow and startling fields of filtered light define the paintings of artist Peter O’Neill. At first glance, his deep, warm tones, rich textural surfaces and captivating subject matters may appear anchored in the tradition of the elegantly clothed muse, seated in quiet repose. On closer observation, however, O’Neill’s compositions dissolve into the wistful sea of personal memories.†He†exhibits a fondness for the contemplative female in unexpected and enigmatic poses and views of intimate situations with bathers, sleepers and those who are lost in a poignant moment of reflection. Asian observer, Peter O’Neill watches his models and their natural movements, so that his paintings do not look staged or photographic. “The work comes from everyday life, he says.” He just talks to people, or rather, he listens to them. He begins by talking to his models about their lives, and then he relates their stories in oil.


Author: Sarah Jane Kelly
Category: Fine Art Pub.
Month: November 2006
Trim Size: 10.5 x 12”
Page Count: 104 Pages
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN 0-9679034-2-4