Excerpts from an Artistís Journal, 1963-2006
Sam Scott
Introduction by William Peterson

ďTo view from where Sam Scott stands is to see the spiritual in all things. In every touch of his brush on the canvas. . .Scott has serious intent. Each day as an artist is felt and considered; every new work containing the attention to each moment lived there. Sam Scott is and always has been a painter in pursuit of beauty.Ē - - Jennifer Doran.

In Encounters with Beauty, Sam Scottís writings, excerpted from his journals, come from an artistís contemplative perspective. His thoughts offer insights and wisdom that he has gleaned over the last 30 years in Santa Fe. As a pursuer of beauty, he offers the reader a unique opportunity to look inside the artistís struggle in the pursuit of beauty and art, and its importance in our personal lives.


Art, Philosophy, New Mexico
Date: July
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Page Count: 120 page
Image Count: 23 color plates, 23 halftones
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The close reader will find Scottís words both penetrating and instructive. A good read.
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