Author: Gay Stinnett
Photography: Carin Roaldset

Reiki is a logical choice for healing. Ancient civilizations recognized that 'life force' energy flowed through all life, connecting all life. Today, however, our culture has lifted science and technology above this original foundation for perceived optimum health.

As a society we treat disease rather than support health. And yet, the New York Times said that in 2007, 48% of American adults used at least one alternative or complementary therapy, and that number continues to grow. Gay Stinnett, Reiki practitioner and Carin Roaldset have come together to speak for the practice of Reiki through word and image. Stinnett, through her writings and Roaldset, her photography, explain and elucidate the practice of Reiki. Stinnett writes that "Reiki is a gift. It can fill our lives with joy and wonder. The inspiring energy of Reiki can create a shift that evolves into life-changing events."

Stinnett's writings move through her life as she was drawn closer and closer to Reiki before embracing it as a professional practitioner. Roaldset's photography enhances the visual images that Stinnett evokes.

Gay Stinnett, Author, is a product of Central Illinois with layovers in Kentucky, Germany and Connecticutt. Her studies in sociology and psychology lay the foundation for her work as a healer through the practice of Reiki.

An Integrative Therapy Consultant, Stinnett works with men and women from all walks of life as well as with medical professionals, churches, wellness groups and hospices.

Carin Roaldset, Photographer, grew up on a farm in Sweden and lived in Germany and Norway before settling down on the Connecticut shoreline. Her view of life is represented in the unique beauty and humor found in her photography. Roaldset exhibits regularly in Connecticut and her images are offered in shops in the United States and Europe.

September, 2009
9 x 9 inches
96 pages 30 b&w plates
ISBN 978-1- 934491-13-3