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Timothy Hearsum sees the world around him from the perspective of a visual anthropologist as well as a photographer. His many travels along the back roads, side streets, and alleyways inform much of the visual language portrayed in this collection of photographs.

Since the publication of his first book, Road Trips, Hearsum has continued to travel in “random meanders.” He doesn’t go out with a specific itinerary, idea, or theme in mind; rather, he engages with what he sees and feels. Over time, certain images begin to communicate with each other, even though they are made miles, days, or even years apart. Hearsum has discovered that these pairings that emerge tell a richer story. The result is Affinities, a multilayered exploration of the similarities as well as the contrasts he finds in his subjects.

In 1983, Arthur Ollman became the founding director of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, California. He served there for twenty-three years and curated more than one hundred exhibitions.

Size: 12 x 9.5
Pages: 72
Plates: 66 color plates
ISBN: 978-1-934491-71-3
Price: $40
Paul Cullum, Katie Hearsum, and Devin Symons