Fractured Faiths


  • Gold Medal for the Best Book on Judaism 2017
    IPA Independent Press Awards
  • Finalist
    IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards
  • Finalist for Best History Book of the Year 2016
    New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards
  • Finalist for Best Anthropology Book of the Year 2016
    New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards

Why does the story of secret Jews fascinate us? What is crypto-Judaism? In recent decades, religious practices preserved in hiding for centuries have become more widely known. Specifically, families of Spanish Jewish descent have retained elements of Judaism for five hundred years. What incredible religious and cultural tenacity!  For many, it is a discovered identity that explains things in their lives that were a conundrum. Is a person Jewish by genes, cultural heritage, by religious practice and/or by choice? What survives for a person whose ancestors were Jewish five hundred years ago?

Fractured Faiths traces the history of the Sephardic and converso (converted) Jews from their Golden Age to the twenty-first century, in both the land they left behind and in the lands they later settled. Documents, maps, paintings, and objects illuminate the history of Sephardic Jews from Spain, through Mexico to New Mexico.

Exhibition: Fractured Faiths New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, Opening May, 2016

Fractured Faiths / Las Fes Fracturadas
Spanish Judaism, The Inquisition, and New World Identities / El Judaísmo Español, la Inquisición y Identidades Nuevo Mundiales
Contributors: Roger L. Davila, Josef Diaz, Ron Duncan Hart
Date: 2016
Size: 9 x 12
Pages: 228
Plates: 124
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-934491-51-5 Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Purchase price: $75.00