Since 1969 Mark Spencer has been producing drawings and paintings that are compelling, beautiful, and sometimes disturbing. His work implies that reality is not what our culture has led us to believe, and it carries a consistent main narrative of “nature versus human nature.” He reveals a persistent conflict between the nature of this gorgeous planet and the ways in which human nature perceives itself as being separate from and superior to it. He believes that “the soul’s hand can reach down into our fertile depths to retrieve images that may heal the divide and transform our consciousness.”

Spencer’s creative vision encompasses high realism and broad abstractions. Never disregarding either, he seeks to discover images that unite the personal with the universal. His works can be found in public and private collections around the world.

Clayton Campbell is a cultural producer working in arts and culture as an arts writer and a visual artist, and he has been a program consultant and designer since 1975. His reviews, essays, and features have been published in Flash Art Magazine (Milan), Art Voices Magazine (Los Angeles), Art-Presse (France), Res Magazine (Istanbul), and Contemporary Magazine (London).

David Clemmer is a writer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An author of numerous books on the art and artists of the West and Southwest, Clemmer’s critical writings have appeared in numerous local, national, and international publications.

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Clayton Campbell and David Clemmer