Since 2003, artist Ricardo Mazal has worked in sequence on three large-scale bodies of work, each centered on a unique burial site. KORA completes this monumental Trilogy with his inspired opus of large-scale paintings and photographs. 

Mount Kailash in Tibet is the most venerated holy site on earth, the mountain at the center of the world for four religions, the source from which all creation sprung. In 2009 Mazal made a month-long journey to Mount Kailash and made a kora – a circumambulation of the mountain.

In KORA, peripheral elements in the local environment fired Mazal’s artistic imagination: the mountain itself – a monolith of black and white; boxes of pigment in a local market; and prayer flags with incandescent displays of color, whipping out over the landscape. Throughout KORA, these visual elements create a complete and persuasive human and artistic experience.

Jon Carver, visual artist, writer, educator and curator, has exhibited internationally, published over 500 art reviews, numerous artists’ monographs, and a book on New Mexican sculptors.

The poems of Henry Shukman, poet and novelist, have appeared in the New  Republic, the Times, and Guardian in London. His Dr No’s Garden was a Book of the Year in the Guardian and Times, as was his latest novel The Lost City.

Size: 12 x 10.5 in.
Pages: 104
Plates: 33 color plates; 15 photographs
Linen Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-934491-29-4
Price: $50