Partners in Art

For twenty years, Gene and Rebecca Tobey worked together as husband and wife and artistic partners. They are best known for their creations of ceramic and bronze sculptures of abstracted animal forms. In their art, bear, buffalo, elk and other majestic animals stand in dynamic, timeless attitudes.

Their work is a sculptural statement about the dominant personality of the animal. Magic occurs as the sculptures’ surfaces become canvases upon which the Tobeys have carved, drawn, painted, and scratched graffito drawings of other animals, human figures, scenes of starry night skies, mountain ranges and symbols and geometric shapes, all on beautifully patinated surfaces. In the pages of Partners in Art, Rebecca Tobey shares her insights into their creative and collaborative process and shows the creations she and Gene forged during their two-decade partnership.

In 2006 Gene Tobey passed away after battling leukemia. Rebecca Tobey, Santa Fe, New Mexico, continues their legacy of creation and spirit.

Size: 13 x 11 in.
Pages: 208
Plates: 100 color plates
Linen Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-934491-02-7 
Price: $75