The Threads of Memory

The Threads of Memory, both as publication and exhibition, is a string of words and images that can be drawn together to unravel the tangle of encounters that has linked the societies of Spain and the United States for over three centuries. With the support of the General Archive of the Indies, unique and almost unknown documents have been brought to light that reveal the importance of the Spanish presence in the present-day territory of the United States, from the 16th to the 19th centuries. That presence brought decisive changes in the development of cities, agriculture, ranching, and commerce. New kinds of economic relations and ways of life were introduced. The Threads of Memory pays tribute to the many ties that bind Spain and the United States, where diverse Hispanic communities still play such an important role. The Threads of Memory is the collaboration between institutions from both countries.The publication and exhibition The Threads of Memory: Spain and the United States provides us with the opportunity of looking back at our common trajectory through a series of documents that offer the perspective that only the work of time can provide.

The New Mexico History Museum
The El Paso Museum of History
The Historic New Orleans Collection
The University of New Mexico
Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural Exterior, Spain

Editors: Dr. Frances Levine, René Harris, Josef Díaz

Translation: from Spanish to English: Dr. Enrique Lamadrid and Dr. Jerry Gurulé, University of New Mexico

Curator: Falia González Díaz, Chief of the Conservation Department, Archivo Geeral de Indias

Size: 11 x 10 in.
Pages: 312
Plates: 138 color documents, maps, diagrams and illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-934491-26-3
Price: $60